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On being an athlete:  Endurance has always come more naturally than catching and throwing, which were never my strong suits (I can throw a baseball a few measly yards if I really try).  My high school field hockey coach made me a midfielder because I was one of the only girls who seemed to enjoy booking it back and forth across the field long after the first half.  However, I was first and foremost a competitive swimmer from childhood through my first year of college, and didn’t really find out I loved running until 2011. The Tri bug bit soon thereafter.  I’ve accomplished a lot in the past two years, including overcoming a fear of open water swimming, completing my first marathon and Ironman 70.3, and making it to USAT Age Group Nationals.  Last year, I took my passion for fitness to the next level by becoming a fitness and wellness instructor, and currently teach several formats of classes to both kids and adults!

On being vegan:  I became vegan first and foremost because of a strong belief in equality and harmony for the planet and all of its inhabitants, as well as a sense of social justice towards all beings.  A hardcore love for veggies and fruit didn’t hurt the process, either :)  What I didn’t realize was that I could not only survive but really excel beyond my non-vegan days with this new way of life, all while reducing my carbon footprint, sparing innocent sentient lives, and flexing my creative muscles in the kitchen!  My recovery time is down, my endurance is way up, and I’ve never felt fitter, stronger, or more whole.

I am also a contributor to the blog Chic Vegan…check it out some of my posts here!

On being healthy:  I really believe that health is holistic, and stems from being aware of your body and surroundings, being proactive, and loving and respecting yourself!  Find something active you love doing and make time for it, or set a fitness goal and go crazy!  Also, the kitchen is such a fun place to be — to me, it’s a science lab and artist studio all in one.  I love experimenting in there and knowing that I am taking charge of what is going into my body.  That being said, not everything I post is “health food” *…but what’s unhealthy about a delicious ooey gooey cookie once in a while?? (ok, maybe more than once in a while)

* though I will never cook or post anything containing animal products, hydrogenated fats, artificial sweeteners, excess sodium, or freaky additives

Bottom line: Thanks for visiting and following me on my journey to make good food, spread wellness, race hard, and have a good time doing it!

Culinary adventures and training updates of a plant-based fitness & health enthusiast-turned-triathlete.

My interests include holistic health, cooking/gobbling up fresh produce, exercise, and contributing to a healthier, happier, and more compassionate world!

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